Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ramadhan Stories

So I'm back out of nowhere in the blues to write down this post. It's the last 10 days of Ramadhan, which we call it the last 10 special days, which Muslims seek for Allah's blessings and forgiveness. Between these 10 nights, there is one night that is called Malam Lailatul Qadr.

Anyways, after so long I didn't go for Solat Terawikh, I finally had the heart to go tonight. I went  a little bit late after my parents and took the car by myself. I prayed only 8 rakaat as usual.
*Sometimes I feel we youngsters should be ashamed of ourselves for doing only 8 rakaat, those makcik who are more older than us can do 20 rakaat almost every night.

When I reached home, saw my dad's car park outside, thought to myself, wow, that was fast dad u reached home.

" Ayah, today you only did 8 rakaat? Tired is it?"

"No laa, I went back after Isya' prayers, diarrhea ( cirit birit) on my way to the toilet, habis jubah putih ayah."

I wanted to laugh, but I thought it was rude, then my sister laughed first, so then I continued on.
Haha seriously, my dad was also laughing when he explained it all.

10 mintues later, he said,
" Can u help me cut those papayas and also watermelons?"



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Choc Chip Cookies

Hey All.
I know I haven't been blogging for a while. I was a lil bit busy adjusting time since I cam back from Jakarta.
Ok, not to mention. I haven't unpacked a few stuffs. (i'm the worst at it)

So, since it's Ramadhan month, and I seemed to have a lot of free time, I decided to make a cookie sale!!

Chocolate Chip + Cadbury Chunks Cookies!
Yes, made from real cadbury choc. 

50 pcs for RM 20 
If u feel like ordering, just contact me okies. 

This is my facebook page : Inbox me :)

I deliver around Johor Bahru only.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Skype Skype

One of the best long-distance conversations at night.
Thank you.

malas. cape.

Hey what's up. A lot has been going on. Including our Jogja trip last week.
Still feel the tiredness.
Maybe I'll upload or make a post about it later.
Stay safe. Toodles.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Journey that's coming to an end

Indeed. Our journey here in Jakarta is coming to an end. *Picture above : Our farewell party. God, I hate this feeling. One minute you constantly feel happy wanting to be at home. Another minute dying wanting to stay. 9 Days left to be exact. I know we will miss our friends and lecturers mostly. Not to mention Binus Square. We   L-O-V-E it here with the swimming pool, gym, free laundry and air conditioner of course! Dah lemak sangat.

Now that we are leaving soon. There are a few things need to be done. Shopping for souvenirs of course. Shopping for the last time. ( I bought clogs the other day, and I'm worried about my excess luggage) and enjoying the food.  Sightseeing will come soon, of course. Can't wait! Take care y'all.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

You make me smile

Hye. How was your weekend and your past weekdays. I've been constantly neglecting my blog. My final exam was my boyfriend for the past week. Can I hate him. Yes. Well since exams started, listening to songs helps a lot, especially when you're stressed out. My earphone and laptop don't really go well together. So Sheyra had to hear what I hear. Yes, I know last 2 months Sheyra told me to get a new playlist coz I know she can memorize the lyrics already, if you know what I mean. But, I didn't. Decided to download some other songs. Calming songs, Not those bang-bang- piu-piu songs. So I decided to make a my-exam playlist : 

1. Winter - Joshua Radin

2. True - Ryan Cabrera

3. Friend like you - J. Radin

4. *Paperweight - J.Radin

5. I wish you love - Rachael Yamagata 

6. The Scientist - Coldplay

7. This is the thing - Fink

8. Life is wonderful - Jason Mraz

9. Pink Floyd - Wish you were here

10. Angels on the moon - Thriving Ivory

So, if u say my playlist sucks, you suck.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sushi Tei Experience

Did I tell you how much I was really craving for sushi. Since I don't really like McDonalds and KFC that much anymore since I came here. The taste is a bit weird esp with their chilli sauce.

So yesterday Lily was quite stressed out after finishing her first paper for final exam, she decided to have a good dinner and I suggested we'd go to Sushi Tei.

For a while, I thought of wearing Japanese costume but I don't have one. Plus I know my friends wouldn't want to be walking with a lost Geisha in Indonesia. So I decided to wear this :

indirect communication
sometimes, we use this device to gossip.
only with girlfriends. mind you it's healthy gossip.

When they walk faster, I know they're excited about something.
Too hungry maybe?

Actually they were catching up on BVLGARI Jewelries. See how they strike the long face. 
Feel sorry for the boyfriends now for snapping this pic,now that your girlfriends want these in future.

While eating, Lily couldn't really find what she was looking for. Looking around, she saw the Heineken fridge and suddenly asked me:

"Can I drink tonight? I really want to drink beer." 

I said it was fine for me and Sheyra if she wanted to drink but we don't drink. She paused for a moment and said " It's OK, I will not drink because in Korea, no one drinks alone." 

Felt bad for her, and suggested that she should ask Hendra, next time, because we know he drinks. 

Of Course, in Korea drinking alcohol is something important and no one drinks alone. That's part of an enjoyment for them. :)

An ice cream for Crunky people :D

Now that my craving for Sushi has past. Let's find another one to fill this big stomach.
Any suggestions?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The day we say goodbye to the Thai sisters. It was sad.
We are approximately 23 days away from going home. The Thai's went home first.

Every one was sad to be apart. Andry of course our drama queen burst into tears before anyone. Can't remember how much he hugged the girls.

I hate this part right here. The goodbye part.
Took some photos together before they depart. They left us with a heavy heart.

The night before. Our last time hanging out.

Souveniers from Anthony for them.

we wish you the best in life. 
see you soon in Phuket 2012.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is too much

This is too much too handle. Yes. I'm talking about Korean Drama : Boys over Flower. 
Actually it should be my exams I have to worry about now. 

So we finished this semester's class last Friday with a presentation. Got a few negative comments. But, never-mind , it's part of learning. 
There's a saying : what kills you only makes you stronger, right? Yes, I believe that. Except smoking. Smoking kills you, but doesn't make you stronger. You'll die faster. *kriok

Watching too much of this Boys over flower episodes again and again and again makes me ponder, wonder and dream a lot.
Nur Lily said it's good for girls too watch but bad for boys as they have to become much more gentleman if the whole universe of women decide to watch this drama. To come to think of it,this is the 5th time I'm watching it.

I get moved so easily by the things the hero ( Gu Jun Pyo) does. Wonder if there are any other men  like him are still living in the world. Hey, guys, u can hate me, but I think it's the truth. 

I think men never open doors for women anymore, never cover a women with a his coat when she's cold. *Boo-ing to some men out there. Yes, hate me for the 2nd time.

Ok, I'm even getting carried away again by writing this post. Yes, this is what happens when you fantasized because the reality doesn't look like this anymore. This time, don't hate me. 

Hate Him : 

He doesn't look good in pictures that much, but I prefer to see him in action.

Mind you I'm not a fan of Korean drama's but this one, is something worth keeping in my laptop.
They also have it on Youtube if you decide to watch 


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday Night Life

The spontaneous trip that one time.

Suppose to head to Nikko Hotel first then to KL Village for an awesome tummy-filling food. Instead, decided to change route to Plaza Indonesia first then to the hotel.

AND I BROUGHT 200,000 IDR only = MYR 60 to A HIGH-END MALL.
Ok overreacting, I could just survive if I don't buying anything actually.

We went for some sightseeing also near the mall. Barely could walk far as our energy level was thinning after window shopping and going ga-ga for shoes at the mall.

LV. Ahhhh.

Saw a man went into the fitting room. Which part do you not understand when they write 'women'.

Nur Lily was really happy, swipe swipe and swipe the credit card.

Not really window shopping. Erk.

   I kind of like the combination of my loafers with the cushion color. 
   Pastel green and pink defines me much. Green + Pink = GRINK.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Start Fresh

Ok, enough of sad stories and enough crying. I grief. I'm emotional but I have to find a better way to get through this. My friends are tired of seeing me cry. Ok maybe they don't see me cry, but they know I'm crying inside. They're my friends, they know me better than I know myself. Cool rasanya dapat kawan gini.

What's new? Rasanya dah lama tak blogwalking or whatever they call it... tup tap tup tap my favorite bloggers posted a few posts already.

I know I missed the gossip about the kid named Adinda Evans, the drama Nora Elena that everyone is going gaga over Seth Tan and what else? That's all I guess. Takde la ketinggalan pun.

by the way, am so happy that I got a charm bracelet I've been wanting a loooooong time.
Skali jumpa depan mata, beli terus. But it doesn't look exactly the one I want, but can laa.

the one i bought. score!
very much a girl's best friend. for now. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jar of Hearts

Somehow I have issues with people who like to post lyrics on their Facebook status and blogs especially on the 'about me' section. Don't you have your own definition of yourself or something. 

But today I'm gonna be the person whom I hate. I'm gonna write lyrics to express.  Because what I feel right now is in a song. Heh. 

So this song goes to you. 

No, I can't take one more step towards you
‘Cause all that's waiting is regret
Don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live, half alive
And now you want me one more time

Who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

It's so hard to move on. It is.
To not show it, is even harder.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nothing Personal

I want to write something non-personal, but interesting.
Help me.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hot pretty chic vs rich guy

Ok,so aku tengah buat assignment, tapi ada hati nak tulis entri. Cuma tadi terfikir, so rasa macam nak kongsi.

Apakah pendapat korang,kalau nampak perempuan cantik hot sexay perfect skin bersama a not-so-hot but rich guy with a cool car?
Mesti orang akan cakap,perempuan tu mata duitan. Betul tak? sebab aku rasa dulu pun aku pernah terfikir macam gitu. Tak dapat dinafikan.

Tapi pandangan aku ter-berubah sebab tengok drama series tajuknye 'Lie to Me'. Drama series ni macam ala-ala CSI tapi seorang doktor hebat ni boleh baca reaksi muka and anggota badan orang untuk tahu kebenaran dan tangkap orang bersalah.

So,taknak cerita pepanjang pasal episode ni ,kena tengok sendiri, tapi dipendekkan, seorang lelaki kaya ni nak suruh siasat tentang girlfriend dia, whether sayang dia sebab duit or sebab dia betul-betul sayang.
Bila dah buat investigation, dari nada suara, pergerakan riak wajah perempuan tu bila ditanya tentang lelaki tu, doktor dapat simpulkan bahawa si gf menipu bila bercakap tentang sebahagian kejujuran cinta dengan bf dia.

Sebaik je doktor/penyiasat beritahu kat laki tu yang gf dia bercinta sebahagiannya sebab nak duit, laki tu terus marah dan nak putuskan relationship, walaupun dia sayang pada gf dia.

Tapi penyiasat tu pesan,
Kalau perempuan tu cinta kamu sebab asset kamu miliki, bukankah kau pun cinta perempuan itu sebab asset yang dia miliki juga ?

So, lepas aku tengok episode cerita tu, aku kadang2 fikir, wajarlah seorang lelaki kaya berduit cinta dengan perempuan cantik hot glamourous, kerana masing2 memiliki asset tersendiri. Jadi janganlah nak cakap perempuan cantik itu mata duitan melainkan kalau mintak kereta Lamborghini sebijik tapi membalas cinta 10% je. Itu sah-sah mata duitan.

Kalau korang tak setuju dengan pandangan aku, sila beri pendapat secara sopan. Or you can keep it to yourself. Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quick Update

Hey Ho.
Hows Everybody. So just gonna have a quick update cuz final semester is near and so as our due dates for assignments. Yikes.

Last week my parents and auntie and cousins came to Jakarta to see me and to shop of course. Hehe.
It was fun, tiring, chaos with the supir who was funny enough to think we are stupids. but, we just laughed on him so whatever.
It was the best weekend I had in ages. And I truly miss them already. The feeling that you want the whole week to repeat itself again. *sigh

If I had money, I'd pay to repeat the weekend. ^__^

But then again, I lost someone I love on the same weekend also. Mungkin orang tua-tua cakap, terlalu suka kan.
I have to be strong to live and everything has its reason. I hope He has a better plan for me ahead in life. InsyaAllah...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Suck Seed

For every movie that I watch, I'll end up liking it. Even when people say it's the lamest movie they've ever seen. For me, lame movies are usually ghost movies, I'm not a fan here, hellooooo. They pretend to do a really scary voice with scary make up,but people end up laughing at it.

So last Saturday, I went to Central Park to go watch a movie with them boys and decided to choose Suck Seed, a Thai movie. We were late about 20 minutes as the movie started at 9.30pm.

We were running here and there to look for our cinema entrance. I said to myself, oh gosh, makin bertambah lambat nihhh, plus I hate the fact that we were gonna disturb people by passing by and asking for 'excuse me' to get to our seats.

We missed the starting of the movie, but it wasn't that much. The movie is about friendship, love and chasing your dreams. Yes, I know every other movie out there is similar, but this movie somehow is more creative and hilarious. The director totally made it really interesting. We laughed the minute we sat down until it finished. Gosh, right now I feel like watching it again.

Whatever it is, I'd give this movie 4.8 stars. *Bling bling bling. 

Plus, the boys are really cute and 'jambu'. 

You can watch the Official trailer of the movie here

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tao Te Ching

The Tao Te Ching says, when I let go of what I am,
I become what I might be.
When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.
Have you ever struggled to find work or love, only to find them after you have given up?
This is the paradox of letting go.
Let go, in order to achieve. letting go is God's law.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Discovery Channel

I just discovered a cool thing.

It's a hairband/ elastic bracelet.
cool huh.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

KL Village - Nasi Lemak Experience

Minggu lepas, kami ke Festival Arts and crafts Indonesia. Tak ingat nama panjangnya. Pergi dah petang, jadi pulang pun malam. Tengah jalan-jalan perut dah berkriuk berkeroncong tali kecapi gendang gendung. Tak tau nak makan kat mana. *makan kat mulut.
Ok, Lawak yang macam tu memang buat orang lagi lapar dan marah.

Teringat nak makan makanan Malaysia dekat perantauan. Munzir, kawan Arega cakap ada satu tempat nama KL Village. Dalam kepala,mesti ingat kedai ni besar gila and ramai orang, skali pergi, kecik je macam mamak bistro. Saya tak kecewa, cuma di luar gambaran minda je. 

Yes Itu signboard dia.
And No, ini bukan BF saya. ini Ikmal Fattah. 

Makanan yang di order : Nasi Lemak. Roti Tisu. Teh Tarik. Roti Telur. 

Betapa rindunya kami, semua nak order. 

Gift kawan kitorang dari Thailand pun ada.
Dia cakap dia suka Nasi Lemak.

 Bila dah habis makan, baru perasan yang makanan M'sia ni agak berlemak dan tidak sihat.
Haih punca obesiti. Punca Obesiti.

After the Royal Wedding...

Hey decided to make a post on them, Will and Kate. Ahh,they look stunning.

Comments after the royal wedding was kind of fun to read.
My twitter timeline was filled with some of these comments and also some form the live stream chat box yesterday :

1.Women will never complain about how tired-nervous they will be, when they get married now that they've seen how graceful Kate was on her wedding day. Imagining the whole world looking up to you. Hoping you won't do anything wrong or stumble in that dress.

2. Some businessmen will start think about starting Fancy Hat Business.

3. Girls are dying to have a wedding dress like Kate. So Lace dresses are definitely a YES. Designers should have a 'Kate's Design' on their list.

4. Women suddenly aim on Prince Harry now that he's still single, not that bad looking,and still has hair. Not just that, women also are going gaga over Kate's brother.

5. Everyone starts comparing the late Princess Diana's dress and Kate's dress and how long the veil should be and how too simple it was.

6. People start asking, will they go on a honeymoon? and where?

7. Girls start changing their sir name to 'Middleton' on their FB or blackberry messenger. Just for the fun wishing that they would be the princess like Kate. I'm one of them. -.-

8. More people who were at the wedding or streets will excitedly upload their pictures on FB, caption saying, 'I was here' or 'the royal wedding parade'.

9. Kate's and Prince Williams hand joints will hurt a little after hours of waiving to people.

10. Last but not least, men won't mind losing hair, and proudly compare themselves with PrinceWilliam. Men's good way of boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

If u missed scenes where they kissed, watch it here. If u missed the whole wedding, too bad, I don't have the whole link.

Whatever it is, I still love the dress.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wishlist . Wishlist.

Hey Dolls.
Hari tu berbual dengan Miss Sheyra tiba-tiba macamana terkeluar topik pasal kapal terbang. Stewardess and betapa untungnya mereka ni dapat bekerja sambil melancong. From 1 place to another.

So, we decided, to apply for the position after habis belajar nanti. Haha, NOT.

Memang tak lah kan kalau saya ni berjilbab nak jadi air hostess. Tapi kalau dari kecil, memang inilah cita-cita saya. Kalau dekat kad rekod sekolah rendah dulu, ada ruangan cita- cita . Saya mesti isi :

               1. Ustazah        2. Pramugari            3. Cikgu

Jadi sampai besar,masih saya simpan cita-cita itu. Tapi memandangkan masa kecil saya tak tahu sangat, so takpelah, cikgu tak marah, mak pun tak marah. Mereka hanya tergelak sebab pilihan pertama and kedua tu sangat bercanggah. Tak rasa ke?

Bila dah besar, saya ambil course International Business. Mungkin dengan harapan saya dapat bekerja dengan Multi-National Corporations. Salah satu pilihan yang saya akan apply adalah syarikat penerbangan. Saya suka sangat travel. Mungkin dilahirkan sebagai kaki jalan. Tapi saya tak sampai jauh lagi. Baru yang dekat.

Berbalik pada topik wishlist yang dah jauh lari, Sheyra sharing-sharing pasal latest Airbus yang ada kemudahan dan fasiliti yang sangat awesome. Cubalah awak google Airbus A380. Memang hebak belako.
Ada lounge. Ada katil. Ok, itu memang perkara biasa tapi airbus ni ada katil yang ada cubical sendiri which is why it became on of my wish in my wishlist.

Haruslah kalau ada duit lebih, travel macam gini kan. Untuk experience. 
Saya bertekad nak bekerja,supaya mampu membayar luxurious experience ini. 
Sekian, wishlist lain bersambung.

p/s: Singapore was the first asian country to have this airbus. Malaysia,kurang pasti. Eheh. 
p/ss: semua gambar adalah dari google images.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 things I miss about you.

Among many things in this world, Girls usually love that romantic guy that gives u flowers every date. In my case, Mr. He is hopeless romantic person in this world. Seriously. But there are things that are super special about him that I'd probably miss:

1.  Look at me in the eyes when I'm talking or babbling.

2. Always paying for my food unless he says, he can't. *patutla naik badan.

3. Enjoy Katong Laksa at 12am since it's our fav.

4. Always watch a movie of my choice,even if it's a romantic one. Not his cup of tea. Oh and there's this once I made him watch enchanted. He slept. *slapping forehead.

5. Never go out with girls without telling me.

6. If i pass by a shoe store, he will instantly grab my hand and walk faster so I don't get to peek. *Cehh.

7. Talks about the future.

8. Would never drink my Bubble Tea cuz he says it's a weird beverage. So I get it all to myself. Harhar.

9. When I tell problems in a particular situation, he always looks it in a diff point of view.

10. Plays me songs on his guitar. Recently before the big hanging break up, he sang me Chris Medina' What are words. Awww.

I know you're not that dying to see his face, but I'm just gonna put it so u know what he looks like.

p/s : It's good to appreciate someone even though he/she might not be in your life forever. At least they know they have been an important role in your life and they were part of a chapter in your life. 

Thank you for reading.