Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 things I miss about you.

Among many things in this world, Girls usually love that romantic guy that gives u flowers every date. In my case, Mr. He is hopeless romantic person in this world. Seriously. But there are things that are super special about him that I'd probably miss:

1.  Look at me in the eyes when I'm talking or babbling.

2. Always paying for my food unless he says, he can't. *patutla naik badan.

3. Enjoy Katong Laksa at 12am since it's our fav.

4. Always watch a movie of my choice,even if it's a romantic one. Not his cup of tea. Oh and there's this once I made him watch enchanted. He slept. *slapping forehead.

5. Never go out with girls without telling me.

6. If i pass by a shoe store, he will instantly grab my hand and walk faster so I don't get to peek. *Cehh.

7. Talks about the future.

8. Would never drink my Bubble Tea cuz he says it's a weird beverage. So I get it all to myself. Harhar.

9. When I tell problems in a particular situation, he always looks it in a diff point of view.

10. Plays me songs on his guitar. Recently before the big hanging break up, he sang me Chris Medina' What are words. Awww.

I know you're not that dying to see his face, but I'm just gonna put it so u know what he looks like.

p/s : It's good to appreciate someone even though he/she might not be in your life forever. At least they know they have been an important role in your life and they were part of a chapter in your life. 

Thank you for reading. 


  1. hahaa so cute. yang no 6 tu pun harith selalu buat kat i. hihihi

  2. haha,yeke. mostly girls gitu kan.

  3. why do i feel sudden mood of sadness reading this entry. safffffffffffffffffffffffffffff,i smell somethin fishy here. no no no.

  4. thanx lily.

    az: yeah. it is fish.