Saturday, April 30, 2011

After the Royal Wedding...

Hey decided to make a post on them, Will and Kate. Ahh,they look stunning.

Comments after the royal wedding was kind of fun to read.
My twitter timeline was filled with some of these comments and also some form the live stream chat box yesterday :

1.Women will never complain about how tired-nervous they will be, when they get married now that they've seen how graceful Kate was on her wedding day. Imagining the whole world looking up to you. Hoping you won't do anything wrong or stumble in that dress.

2. Some businessmen will start think about starting Fancy Hat Business.

3. Girls are dying to have a wedding dress like Kate. So Lace dresses are definitely a YES. Designers should have a 'Kate's Design' on their list.

4. Women suddenly aim on Prince Harry now that he's still single, not that bad looking,and still has hair. Not just that, women also are going gaga over Kate's brother.

5. Everyone starts comparing the late Princess Diana's dress and Kate's dress and how long the veil should be and how too simple it was.

6. People start asking, will they go on a honeymoon? and where?

7. Girls start changing their sir name to 'Middleton' on their FB or blackberry messenger. Just for the fun wishing that they would be the princess like Kate. I'm one of them. -.-

8. More people who were at the wedding or streets will excitedly upload their pictures on FB, caption saying, 'I was here' or 'the royal wedding parade'.

9. Kate's and Prince Williams hand joints will hurt a little after hours of waiving to people.

10. Last but not least, men won't mind losing hair, and proudly compare themselves with PrinceWilliam. Men's good way of boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

If u missed scenes where they kissed, watch it here. If u missed the whole wedding, too bad, I don't have the whole link.

Whatever it is, I still love the dress.


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