Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Blues

Starting of with a Rebecca Black's song beat of Friday, except sing it on Monday:

*It's Monday...Monday... Gotta get up on Monday....

It's monday again, anyone here got the Monday Blues, I know I do.
Our Mid-term exam starts this Wednesday with e-Business systems,yes I know what you're thinking,it's either bluerghhh or ewwww.

Actually it's quit fun learning something that we do everyday. Social networkinggggggg!!! We spend most of the time on the internet, don't we? Don't say no, coz I know you people have facebook accounts to start off and emails too.

Anyway, Friday is another paper, International Marketing. Studying this paper kills me. So much to read so little time wishing if it's possible to buy time. *sigh... oh wait,it rhymes.

Wish us luck yaa and pray that we do our best. Thanks.

p/s : Sheyra and I are suffering from diarrhea, we need help in communicating wit our butts to stop mumbling,growling and behave.