Saturday, April 30, 2011

KL Village - Nasi Lemak Experience

Minggu lepas, kami ke Festival Arts and crafts Indonesia. Tak ingat nama panjangnya. Pergi dah petang, jadi pulang pun malam. Tengah jalan-jalan perut dah berkriuk berkeroncong tali kecapi gendang gendung. Tak tau nak makan kat mana. *makan kat mulut.
Ok, Lawak yang macam tu memang buat orang lagi lapar dan marah.

Teringat nak makan makanan Malaysia dekat perantauan. Munzir, kawan Arega cakap ada satu tempat nama KL Village. Dalam kepala,mesti ingat kedai ni besar gila and ramai orang, skali pergi, kecik je macam mamak bistro. Saya tak kecewa, cuma di luar gambaran minda je. 

Yes Itu signboard dia.
And No, ini bukan BF saya. ini Ikmal Fattah. 

Makanan yang di order : Nasi Lemak. Roti Tisu. Teh Tarik. Roti Telur. 

Betapa rindunya kami, semua nak order. 

Gift kawan kitorang dari Thailand pun ada.
Dia cakap dia suka Nasi Lemak.

 Bila dah habis makan, baru perasan yang makanan M'sia ni agak berlemak dan tidak sihat.
Haih punca obesiti. Punca Obesiti.

After the Royal Wedding...

Hey decided to make a post on them, Will and Kate. Ahh,they look stunning.

Comments after the royal wedding was kind of fun to read.
My twitter timeline was filled with some of these comments and also some form the live stream chat box yesterday :

1.Women will never complain about how tired-nervous they will be, when they get married now that they've seen how graceful Kate was on her wedding day. Imagining the whole world looking up to you. Hoping you won't do anything wrong or stumble in that dress.

2. Some businessmen will start think about starting Fancy Hat Business.

3. Girls are dying to have a wedding dress like Kate. So Lace dresses are definitely a YES. Designers should have a 'Kate's Design' on their list.

4. Women suddenly aim on Prince Harry now that he's still single, not that bad looking,and still has hair. Not just that, women also are going gaga over Kate's brother.

5. Everyone starts comparing the late Princess Diana's dress and Kate's dress and how long the veil should be and how too simple it was.

6. People start asking, will they go on a honeymoon? and where?

7. Girls start changing their sir name to 'Middleton' on their FB or blackberry messenger. Just for the fun wishing that they would be the princess like Kate. I'm one of them. -.-

8. More people who were at the wedding or streets will excitedly upload their pictures on FB, caption saying, 'I was here' or 'the royal wedding parade'.

9. Kate's and Prince Williams hand joints will hurt a little after hours of waiving to people.

10. Last but not least, men won't mind losing hair, and proudly compare themselves with PrinceWilliam. Men's good way of boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

If u missed scenes where they kissed, watch it here. If u missed the whole wedding, too bad, I don't have the whole link.

Whatever it is, I still love the dress.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wishlist . Wishlist.

Hey Dolls.
Hari tu berbual dengan Miss Sheyra tiba-tiba macamana terkeluar topik pasal kapal terbang. Stewardess and betapa untungnya mereka ni dapat bekerja sambil melancong. From 1 place to another.

So, we decided, to apply for the position after habis belajar nanti. Haha, NOT.

Memang tak lah kan kalau saya ni berjilbab nak jadi air hostess. Tapi kalau dari kecil, memang inilah cita-cita saya. Kalau dekat kad rekod sekolah rendah dulu, ada ruangan cita- cita . Saya mesti isi :

               1. Ustazah        2. Pramugari            3. Cikgu

Jadi sampai besar,masih saya simpan cita-cita itu. Tapi memandangkan masa kecil saya tak tahu sangat, so takpelah, cikgu tak marah, mak pun tak marah. Mereka hanya tergelak sebab pilihan pertama and kedua tu sangat bercanggah. Tak rasa ke?

Bila dah besar, saya ambil course International Business. Mungkin dengan harapan saya dapat bekerja dengan Multi-National Corporations. Salah satu pilihan yang saya akan apply adalah syarikat penerbangan. Saya suka sangat travel. Mungkin dilahirkan sebagai kaki jalan. Tapi saya tak sampai jauh lagi. Baru yang dekat.

Berbalik pada topik wishlist yang dah jauh lari, Sheyra sharing-sharing pasal latest Airbus yang ada kemudahan dan fasiliti yang sangat awesome. Cubalah awak google Airbus A380. Memang hebak belako.
Ada lounge. Ada katil. Ok, itu memang perkara biasa tapi airbus ni ada katil yang ada cubical sendiri which is why it became on of my wish in my wishlist.

Haruslah kalau ada duit lebih, travel macam gini kan. Untuk experience. 
Saya bertekad nak bekerja,supaya mampu membayar luxurious experience ini. 
Sekian, wishlist lain bersambung.

p/s: Singapore was the first asian country to have this airbus. Malaysia,kurang pasti. Eheh. 
p/ss: semua gambar adalah dari google images.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

10 things I miss about you.

Among many things in this world, Girls usually love that romantic guy that gives u flowers every date. In my case, Mr. He is hopeless romantic person in this world. Seriously. But there are things that are super special about him that I'd probably miss:

1.  Look at me in the eyes when I'm talking or babbling.

2. Always paying for my food unless he says, he can't. *patutla naik badan.

3. Enjoy Katong Laksa at 12am since it's our fav.

4. Always watch a movie of my choice,even if it's a romantic one. Not his cup of tea. Oh and there's this once I made him watch enchanted. He slept. *slapping forehead.

5. Never go out with girls without telling me.

6. If i pass by a shoe store, he will instantly grab my hand and walk faster so I don't get to peek. *Cehh.

7. Talks about the future.

8. Would never drink my Bubble Tea cuz he says it's a weird beverage. So I get it all to myself. Harhar.

9. When I tell problems in a particular situation, he always looks it in a diff point of view.

10. Plays me songs on his guitar. Recently before the big hanging break up, he sang me Chris Medina' What are words. Awww.

I know you're not that dying to see his face, but I'm just gonna put it so u know what he looks like.

p/s : It's good to appreciate someone even though he/she might not be in your life forever. At least they know they have been an important role in your life and they were part of a chapter in your life. 

Thank you for reading. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's the season to be jolly.

Hear the wedding bells? No.
Are youuuu sureeee? Yes.
Ok, in Malaysia, there are no wedding bells, just kompang.

Guess what?  Don't guess, u already know it's a post on wedding. It's my cousin's wedding actually !! *excitedly clapping hands. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to witness the beautiful ceremony of solemnizing 2 lovers. I was in Jakarta, the ceremony was in KL. But, I had reasons :

My first reason : Airasia had no cheap tickets. Even so, I didn't know how to purchase. How independent was I right?

Secondly : Ayah insisted that I stay here. tskk tskk. *tak rindu ke.

Third : I have to renew my visa again once I get back to Jakarta, I just got it renewed last week. Ughh.

Since my 3 reasons was quite severe to be labelled as reasons, my cousins decided to Skype with me LIVE during the wedding. How awesome is that. Aku ada cousin cool, kau ada? ha ha ha ha *Sounds very the belagak's. Ok, stopping. Sharing pictures of the wedding now.

 They kinda forgot about the knife. Hurm?!

Somehow, this picture enlightens me.

Although I wasn't there, my plan was to wear this, since 
the theme for cousins was purple.

Sambut dari jauh juga nga pa pa kan? 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

War between the lines

I just finished pillow talking with Sheyra, since we're in the same room and we didn't have anything to do. Our gap paper is 11 days. So we have lots of time to sit and chit chat or we could actually book a ticket and flew home to Malaysia. I guess we prefer staying and we don't know when we'll come back to Jakarta. We should probably enjoy our time while it lasts.

Lately, I've been asking many of my friends about the problem I'm facing with someone. Different people gave different views. In the end, it's up to me to make the decision. After all, it is my problem. But until now, I still have problem in deciding. Making decisions is never easy in life, especially when it involves someone you care about. You have to think many many many times about the decision you make. To tell you the truth, I'm quite a person, who wants a happy ending for all. I said to myself that if I were to make everyone satisfied,there never will be a decision made. Either way,someone has to get hurt and when this happens, I'll be the one who's hurt.

It's hard to explain myself, Bunda Atiqah says that I'm going through a phase where I need changes in life. Of course, imagine yourself being in my situation, things you wanted at 18 wouldn't be the same when you turn 22. It may change, and it might not. But, mostly,people tend to change.

So when I decided that I wanted to 'make this big decision', it changes a life of someone else, someone who cares deeply about me, someone who made plans in mind about having me in life. Right now, I feel like a bad- confused - unappreciative person in the whole world. Like hello! Wake up what is wrong with you.

I just can't help myself,what gives me stress nowadays is this problem. I have a month to think over this matter, oh wait, approximately 28 days. I just wish God will help me in this and the decision I make shall not be regretted, ever.

my own heart.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Study - Stress - dan Seangkatan dengannya

Mid-term exam sudah tiba,
Berkobar-kobar bersiap sedia untuk berjaya.
Haih, one word : S.T.R.E.S.S. 

Mid term kami bermula hari ini. Kat UiTM biasanya takda midterm exam terus final je. Kali ni bila kena buat, rasa lemah, confuse sekejap and lost macam dalam maze. Study sampai lewat malam tak ingat dunia sedangkan orang lain sibuk tengok perlawanan bola sepak chelsea lawan MU. Tak dapat jerit-jerit kat depan t.v. Haih.( padahal kalau takda exam takkan tengok pon). 

Kebiasaanya, pelajar umum akan study begini : 

Tapi taknak cerita betapa stress nya atau normalnya kitorang, tapi nak cerita apa kitorang buat supaya tak stress. Ada banyak cara kita boleh hilangkan stress masa study. Umumnya masa kat UiTM segamat, ikut observation ada orang suka dengar lagu melalak kejap pastu sambung, ada orang suka bergayut dengan boyfie time rehat siap mengadu ; I penat lah study,ada 2 chapter lagi nak habiskan. Tapi boyfren sume jauh nun disana. So buat aktiviti dengan kawan laa.

Ikat rambut macam perempuan Afrika dapat release stress
sebab lepas pakai gelak-gelak tengok satu sama lain

Buat yoga dan pertimbangan antara buku atau phone

entertainment from friends

hentam seketul burger buat muka supaya nampak barbaric.

dan cara yang paling afdal ialah :

berdoa supaya mendapat keberkatan Tuhan. 

Tuhan itu sentiasa membantu hambaNya dalam kesusahan dan kesulitan. Berdoalah agar sentiasa diberkati masa, dipermudahkan memahami pelajaran dan diberkati dalam semua perkara yang dilakukan. Selamat beramal and jangan stress. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A talking heart

"Those who don’t have fire in themselves cannot warm others

I know this question has been asked a few times,but I never really had the courage to say.
My heart has doubts. 
U did nothing wrong,it's just me.

I'm sorry sometimes I do feel this way towards u :'(

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Blues

Starting of with a Rebecca Black's song beat of Friday, except sing it on Monday:

*It's Monday...Monday... Gotta get up on Monday....

It's monday again, anyone here got the Monday Blues, I know I do.
Our Mid-term exam starts this Wednesday with e-Business systems,yes I know what you're thinking,it's either bluerghhh or ewwww.

Actually it's quit fun learning something that we do everyday. Social networkinggggggg!!! We spend most of the time on the internet, don't we? Don't say no, coz I know you people have facebook accounts to start off and emails too.

Anyway, Friday is another paper, International Marketing. Studying this paper kills me. So much to read so little time wishing if it's possible to buy time. *sigh... oh wait,it rhymes.

Wish us luck yaa and pray that we do our best. Thanks.

p/s : Sheyra and I are suffering from diarrhea, we need help in communicating wit our butts to stop mumbling,growling and behave.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ice Cream

I want ice cream and a pizza so bad right now.
Sheyra says i have this huge humongous craving for food.
 I guess I do. 

& this picture with me, widely smiling while eating ice cream :

is a reason why I should go out & look for yummy stuffs today.
 or maybe
because I purposely want to post this picture. 

have a nice weekend!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to hack facebook?

Recently, I went on Google Malaysia to check what Malaysians like to search on Google on 'How To....'. Just thought I'd share with readers here and look what I found.

How to hack facebook? oh come on people. 
Syok ke hack facebook? Ok memang best, bukan sebab saya pernah buat, mungkin boleh tukar-tukar status orang macam 'I AM ACTUALLY GAY'. Lepas tu panjang comment dari kawan-kawan. 
Penuh notification orang tu. 

How to Print Screen? 
No need to Google, you can ask me. But in order to ask me, you have to Google me,that is if you find me, if you do not find me, you might as well Google it then. Haha. 

* * *

Let's see what Italians like to Google about?

How to save a life? *clap hands*
Is it the song by The Fray or they really mean it on 'how to save a life?' 

How to kiss? 
seriously Italians do not need to learn how to kiss,they're suppose to be good at it.
Italy is one of the most romantic cities in the world yaw. 
People go there to fall in love, or that's what most people say.

* * *


How to train your dragon is the most popular search.
 In case you don't know, How To Train Your Dragon is a movie. 
and NO, Japanese do not own dragons to specifically ask Google how to train them.

* * *

Landing in South Africa. 

Yikes! How to make love?
gatai betul mamat/minah Africa ni. Taklaa. Jangan jadi stereotype please. 
It's gonna be interesting to know why making love is a popular search in S.A. Ok, i will find this out later yaa.

How to write a cv!
 A cv is known as a Curriculum Vitae which is something like a resume', but slightly different here and there.  In my textbook it states that it is difficult for educated Africans to get a Job in their country, so speaking from a 3rd party here, I guess it is important for them to write good CV's to be employable. 
Not just them,but Malaysians too yaa, jangan lemak sangat ok.

That's all for now.
Hope you get something out of this post. Thanks for reading :)

p/s : I found out who Maria Ozawa is, on Google, sebab takda dalam textbook.