Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to hack facebook?

Recently, I went on Google Malaysia to check what Malaysians like to search on Google on 'How To....'. Just thought I'd share with readers here and look what I found.

How to hack facebook? oh come on people. 
Syok ke hack facebook? Ok memang best, bukan sebab saya pernah buat, mungkin boleh tukar-tukar status orang macam 'I AM ACTUALLY GAY'. Lepas tu panjang comment dari kawan-kawan. 
Penuh notification orang tu. 

How to Print Screen? 
No need to Google, you can ask me. But in order to ask me, you have to Google me,that is if you find me, if you do not find me, you might as well Google it then. Haha. 

* * *

Let's see what Italians like to Google about?

How to save a life? *clap hands*
Is it the song by The Fray or they really mean it on 'how to save a life?' 

How to kiss? 
seriously Italians do not need to learn how to kiss,they're suppose to be good at it.
Italy is one of the most romantic cities in the world yaw. 
People go there to fall in love, or that's what most people say.

* * *


How to train your dragon is the most popular search.
 In case you don't know, How To Train Your Dragon is a movie. 
and NO, Japanese do not own dragons to specifically ask Google how to train them.

* * *

Landing in South Africa. 

Yikes! How to make love?
gatai betul mamat/minah Africa ni. Taklaa. Jangan jadi stereotype please. 
It's gonna be interesting to know why making love is a popular search in S.A. Ok, i will find this out later yaa.

How to write a cv!
 A cv is known as a Curriculum Vitae which is something like a resume', but slightly different here and there.  In my textbook it states that it is difficult for educated Africans to get a Job in their country, so speaking from a 3rd party here, I guess it is important for them to write good CV's to be employable. 
Not just them,but Malaysians too yaa, jangan lemak sangat ok.

That's all for now.
Hope you get something out of this post. Thanks for reading :)

p/s : I found out who Maria Ozawa is, on Google, sebab takda dalam textbook. 


  1. Italians --- How to destroy angels?

    Wakakakakakkakakaka.. ok tu kelakar yg tak perlu okay.. but y?

  2. how am i suppose to know dude. maybe coz they got paranoid watching angels and demons tu.

  3. sorry lily i didn't get from south korea. maybe next time. hehe.