Sunday, December 30, 2012


You make choices everyday. 
The ones you make today will effect what will you turn out to be in future. 
The ones you made yesterday is the outcome of today.

So choose wisely. 

I chose to give attention on things that matter most now and the priorities. 
I chose to be happy. I chose not to be with anyone to make me happy. 
I have to be happy on my own and love myself only then to share it with someone else. 

I want to start something new, turnover a new leaf for a new year. 


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Super Relieved

So, Mum said I had too much clothes. I didn't believe it at first because I had 2 wardrobes. One in my real home and the second one in Puncak Alam ( Rental House). I just started realizing it when I brought home all my clothes and took out everything out from the luggage. Quite surprising I must say because I keep wearing the same clothes every time I go out. *We all have that favorite shirt we always wear. Please say you can relate to what I'm saying*

So I decided that today I'm going to do some 'spring clean' to my wardrobe. Giving away the ones that are too small that when I wear makes me look like I'm wearing my nieces t-shirt, the ones that makes me look like granny Elaine most of them are the vintage ones that I thought was cool to be wearing but eventually not, and the ones which I feel uncomfortable wearing thick wool fabrics because yes, I am living in a tropical weather country. I don't need to be all warm.

Got tips from Oprah's show the other day. Saying :
If you don't wear a certain clothes in 3 months time, it means you're not going to wear it at all.

So every time I pull out a piece, I try to remember when was the last time I wore it. If it was more than 3 months ago, that piece, has got to go. 

Since I was planning to give away the clothes and not throwing them away, I didn't really think much about 'giving' which used to be my favorite pieces because I know they will land in good hands or to those who will appreciate it more than I do.
After hours of cleaning. Guess what? It all came up to 4 medium sized plastic bags. *what a load*
Only now I believe what Mum was trying to say. I did have too much clothes I don't wear.

It feels good to see your closet clean and simple. You should try it too. Who knows, you might find your long lost favorite sweater that you accused your sister had stolen it from you 2 years ago. Hi hi.

p/s: There is a possibility I might be going shopping since some pieces I found don't match. Teehee.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcoming February

February comes from the word Februum which means Purification.

Therefore I am purifying myself for this month. But what shall I purify? U do not need to know that. I'll just keep that to myself.

What is interesting is that this year in February we have 29 days. Calls for a special date ayy?
Therefore, I challenge myself to do something crazy on this day. Well, maybe not as crazy but something different maybe than what I usually do.

Let's say I go on a date on that 29th, if it turns out bad. I have the next 4 years to recall that bad day. Hah!
But if it turns out to be a great date, well then, good for me.  The next date will be in 4 years time. *Gulp.

Anyway, I have a good feeling I'm going to enjoy February as much as you people will do.
InsyaAllah a better start. quit the laziness. read a book and finish it. and continue baking when bored. Oh and what else, yes, exercise more often.

Till then, Toodles.