Monday, April 18, 2011

It's the season to be jolly.

Hear the wedding bells? No.
Are youuuu sureeee? Yes.
Ok, in Malaysia, there are no wedding bells, just kompang.

Guess what?  Don't guess, u already know it's a post on wedding. It's my cousin's wedding actually !! *excitedly clapping hands. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to witness the beautiful ceremony of solemnizing 2 lovers. I was in Jakarta, the ceremony was in KL. But, I had reasons :

My first reason : Airasia had no cheap tickets. Even so, I didn't know how to purchase. How independent was I right?

Secondly : Ayah insisted that I stay here. tskk tskk. *tak rindu ke.

Third : I have to renew my visa again once I get back to Jakarta, I just got it renewed last week. Ughh.

Since my 3 reasons was quite severe to be labelled as reasons, my cousins decided to Skype with me LIVE during the wedding. How awesome is that. Aku ada cousin cool, kau ada? ha ha ha ha *Sounds very the belagak's. Ok, stopping. Sharing pictures of the wedding now.

 They kinda forgot about the knife. Hurm?!

Somehow, this picture enlightens me.

Although I wasn't there, my plan was to wear this, since 
the theme for cousins was purple.

Sambut dari jauh juga nga pa pa kan? 

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