Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sushi Tei Experience

Did I tell you how much I was really craving for sushi. Since I don't really like McDonalds and KFC that much anymore since I came here. The taste is a bit weird esp with their chilli sauce.

So yesterday Lily was quite stressed out after finishing her first paper for final exam, she decided to have a good dinner and I suggested we'd go to Sushi Tei.

For a while, I thought of wearing Japanese costume but I don't have one. Plus I know my friends wouldn't want to be walking with a lost Geisha in Indonesia. So I decided to wear this :

indirect communication
sometimes, we use this device to gossip.
only with girlfriends. mind you it's healthy gossip.

When they walk faster, I know they're excited about something.
Too hungry maybe?

Actually they were catching up on BVLGARI Jewelries. See how they strike the long face. 
Feel sorry for the boyfriends now for snapping this pic,now that your girlfriends want these in future.

While eating, Lily couldn't really find what she was looking for. Looking around, she saw the Heineken fridge and suddenly asked me:

"Can I drink tonight? I really want to drink beer." 

I said it was fine for me and Sheyra if she wanted to drink but we don't drink. She paused for a moment and said " It's OK, I will not drink because in Korea, no one drinks alone." 

Felt bad for her, and suggested that she should ask Hendra, next time, because we know he drinks. 

Of Course, in Korea drinking alcohol is something important and no one drinks alone. That's part of an enjoyment for them. :)

An ice cream for Crunky people :D

Now that my craving for Sushi has past. Let's find another one to fill this big stomach.
Any suggestions?

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