Thursday, June 30, 2011

Journey that's coming to an end

Indeed. Our journey here in Jakarta is coming to an end. *Picture above : Our farewell party. God, I hate this feeling. One minute you constantly feel happy wanting to be at home. Another minute dying wanting to stay. 9 Days left to be exact. I know we will miss our friends and lecturers mostly. Not to mention Binus Square. We   L-O-V-E it here with the swimming pool, gym, free laundry and air conditioner of course! Dah lemak sangat.

Now that we are leaving soon. There are a few things need to be done. Shopping for souvenirs of course. Shopping for the last time. ( I bought clogs the other day, and I'm worried about my excess luggage) and enjoying the food.  Sightseeing will come soon, of course. Can't wait! Take care y'all.

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