Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday Night Life

The spontaneous trip that one time.

Suppose to head to Nikko Hotel first then to KL Village for an awesome tummy-filling food. Instead, decided to change route to Plaza Indonesia first then to the hotel.

AND I BROUGHT 200,000 IDR only = MYR 60 to A HIGH-END MALL.
Ok overreacting, I could just survive if I don't buying anything actually.

We went for some sightseeing also near the mall. Barely could walk far as our energy level was thinning after window shopping and going ga-ga for shoes at the mall.

LV. Ahhhh.

Saw a man went into the fitting room. Which part do you not understand when they write 'women'.

Nur Lily was really happy, swipe swipe and swipe the credit card.

Not really window shopping. Erk.

   I kind of like the combination of my loafers with the cushion color. 
   Pastel green and pink defines me much. Green + Pink = GRINK.

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