Sunday, June 12, 2011

This is too much

This is too much too handle. Yes. I'm talking about Korean Drama : Boys over Flower. 
Actually it should be my exams I have to worry about now. 

So we finished this semester's class last Friday with a presentation. Got a few negative comments. But, never-mind , it's part of learning. 
There's a saying : what kills you only makes you stronger, right? Yes, I believe that. Except smoking. Smoking kills you, but doesn't make you stronger. You'll die faster. *kriok

Watching too much of this Boys over flower episodes again and again and again makes me ponder, wonder and dream a lot.
Nur Lily said it's good for girls too watch but bad for boys as they have to become much more gentleman if the whole universe of women decide to watch this drama. To come to think of it,this is the 5th time I'm watching it.

I get moved so easily by the things the hero ( Gu Jun Pyo) does. Wonder if there are any other men  like him are still living in the world. Hey, guys, u can hate me, but I think it's the truth. 

I think men never open doors for women anymore, never cover a women with a his coat when she's cold. *Boo-ing to some men out there. Yes, hate me for the 2nd time.

Ok, I'm even getting carried away again by writing this post. Yes, this is what happens when you fantasized because the reality doesn't look like this anymore. This time, don't hate me. 

Hate Him : 

He doesn't look good in pictures that much, but I prefer to see him in action.

Mind you I'm not a fan of Korean drama's but this one, is something worth keeping in my laptop.
They also have it on Youtube if you decide to watch 


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  1. you make me excited to watch it...
    but wait till the final exam ends...hehe