Thursday, May 5, 2011

Suck Seed

For every movie that I watch, I'll end up liking it. Even when people say it's the lamest movie they've ever seen. For me, lame movies are usually ghost movies, I'm not a fan here, hellooooo. They pretend to do a really scary voice with scary make up,but people end up laughing at it.

So last Saturday, I went to Central Park to go watch a movie with them boys and decided to choose Suck Seed, a Thai movie. We were late about 20 minutes as the movie started at 9.30pm.

We were running here and there to look for our cinema entrance. I said to myself, oh gosh, makin bertambah lambat nihhh, plus I hate the fact that we were gonna disturb people by passing by and asking for 'excuse me' to get to our seats.

We missed the starting of the movie, but it wasn't that much. The movie is about friendship, love and chasing your dreams. Yes, I know every other movie out there is similar, but this movie somehow is more creative and hilarious. The director totally made it really interesting. We laughed the minute we sat down until it finished. Gosh, right now I feel like watching it again.

Whatever it is, I'd give this movie 4.8 stars. *Bling bling bling. 

Plus, the boys are really cute and 'jambu'. 

You can watch the Official trailer of the movie here

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