Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love has no distance

1Wouldn't it be nice if u knew the whole world loved you & no one hated you. Unfortunately that's not me and thats not a normal life as well. Lain la kalau kau Princess Diana ke, Michael Jackson ke, or Justin Bieber ke. People love these people. Ohh wait. (People hate Bieber,I don't) I'm sorry.

Well anyway, following my finger counts, (normal fingers = ada 10), I've been in Jakarta for almost 25 days now leaving my friends and family back in Malaysia, to go on this student exchange program. uuuuuh, miss them, like a child misses its blanket...

But,what makes me really happy is that eventhough we're far apart across sea and regions we still feel the love. Yeke? (yes saff,you feel it, don't deny it like you are scared to get in touch of your emotions, lame, I know )

Here, I posted my favorite comments from my friends dari Mesia, tsk tsk coz I miss u guys too.

Min, ni ♥ u yang kurus. Tak bagi yang gemuk punya.
I Hate nothing about you :)

Miss u too makwe-makwe kat sana-sana. awww.
Fun people to be with and a great company.
*company = peneman, bukan syarikat

Huu,this is the most recent one from my homeslice
she's a good definition of shopping, boys talk and the painting-the-toe-nails thing.

but nothing beats this

My fav!
coz he decided to go for a man's alter ego not to say that he misses me
but instead counted down the months till I'll be back.

Terima kasih fesbuk sebab wujud social networking begini supaya manusia boleh comment2 sweet sweet walaupun jauh. This is the time for people to miss you and actually say it and they really mean it . Hehehehe (Takkan nak cakap depan-depan kalau dah rumah dekat & selalu jumpa). Tapi kalau nak,silakan.


  1. hey i just came back from opkim which is program anak angkat where the whole class have to go. it was very fun make me think how great it would be if u n sheyra are there too with us. we miss u two ppuan! (:

  2. awww. really? tskk we really did miss a lot. ohh az sgt rindu awak. Hope there's gonna be more opkim next sem so we all can go lagi.

  3. saf!!! i dont noe y.but when i read ur blog pipi saye sudah im thingking...rindu banggggattt deh aku dgn ko n sheyra..hgahahahha :) x sabar tggu korang balik.......

  4. hehehe.ohh dun cryyy,aku tak lama je lagi. nanti kite pi breakpes same2 yeee okies.